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"Why Stop Now" is new comedy and drama movie 2012. It is directed and written by Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner. Watch online Why Stop Now movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie is about a piano prodigy, dealing with his troubled mother.

Movie Review (Synopsis):

Eli is a piano prodigy. Today is the audition that will determine his future-- will he launch a career and take off into the world? Or will he stay stuck, caring for his sister and mother who, despite her cheerful, loving disposition, is a drug addict. The only obstacle to a seamless transition into his future is dropping off Mom at the center where she will enter rehab, but a glitch in the system forces him to enlist the help of an unlikely ally, her drug dealer Sprinkles. The day spirals downhill quickly, and the hapless team must collaborate every step of the way to battle their own demons and get Eli out of the rabbit hole.

Why Stop Now stars Eisenberg as Eli Smith, a piano prodigy whose audition for a prestigious music program is scheduled for the same day that his drug-addled but supportive mom, Penny (Oscar-winner Melissa Leo), enters rehab. Their volatile plan starts to unravel when a system glitch prevents Penny from being covered by her health insurance program. The son-mother duo take this setback in stride and are quick to hatch a hair-brained scheme: get Penny high, and thus force the clinic to admit her when she shows up intoxicated.

Piano prodigy Eli Smith has talent to burn, but he is constantly derailed by his troubled mother, whose vices keep getting in his way. On the day of his big audition for a prestigious music program, Eli attempts to get his life on track by taking her to rehab. Enlisting help from two hapless drug dealers, mother and son embark on a riotous journey where events spiral comically out of control. Along the way, this gang of misfits faces the mistakes of the past, the challenges of the future, and the possibilities of love.

Nyswaner is perhaps best known as the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind such awards-friendly fare as Mrs. Soffel, Philadelphia, and Painted Veil. So, a plot-driven dramedy about dysfunctional people (like Why Stop Now) is somewhat untested territory for him; similarly, Dorling has never directed a feature-lenth film before. It’s for those reasons that reports about Why Stop Now being given an overall mixed early reception – after it screened out of competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival – are not so surprising.

"Why Stop Now" stars Eisenberg as Eli, a piano prodigy who -- on the day of a big audition -- winds up on a drug-fueled odyssey with his addled mother (Leo) and her drug dealer, Sprinkles (Morgan). While the film's cast is on the unexpected side of things -- the text "Emmy nominee Tracy Morgan," coming on the heels of Oscar-y modifiers for Eisenberg and Leo, is pretty absurd -- the trailer for "Why Stop Now" makes the film look like the kind of quality indie comedy Miramax might have released in the late '90s. Though that could be a nice bit of marketing magic, at least judging by the Sundance reviews.

Eli meets with Penny’s drug-dealer, “Sprinkles” (Tracy Morgan) and his associate “Black” (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.), in order to purchase the necessary illicit substance. A darkly-comical series of unfortunate events results in Eli and Penny having to spend the day working for Sprinkles, eventually forcing all concerned parties to “deal with their internal demons” over the course of the next 24 hours.

The story of Eli Smith (Jesse Eisenberg), a piano prodigy, dealing with his troubled mother, Penny (Melissa Leo), and enlisting help from a hapless drug dealer, Sprinkles (Tracy Morgan), on the day he has an audition for a prestigious music program. Events spiral comically out of control as this gang of misfits faces the mistakes of the past, the challenges of the future, and the possibilities of love.

Still, the theatrical promo for Why Stop Now has some chuckle-worthy moments, and manages to leave a decent impression (in this writer’s opinion, anyway). Moreover, Eisenberg, Leo (The Fighter), and Morgan (30 Rock) are each tackling a role that plays to their strengths; though, for that reason, it could be argued that all three are type-cast here. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of screen chemistry the trio have.

A family misadventure so extreme even Sundancers should blush, 'Predisposed' offers laughs and heart but not enough to hold it all together.Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner directed "Why Stop Now" (you're really tempted to add the appropriate punctuation at the end of that title, no?), with Nyswaner writing the script.

In this exclusive clip, Penny, Eli, Sprinkles, and Black all pick up Penny’s daughter, Nicole (Emma Rayne Lyle), who has developed perhaps an unhealthy attachment to her ill-mannered sock puppet Julio. One could observe that having a family as unconventional as Nicole’s might lead the young girl to escape into her own fantasy, but, really, it’s just funny watching Tracy Morgan yell at a sock puppet. Who knew that drug addiction could be such fertile ground for family comedy.

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Characters are playing roles as:

Jesse Eisenberg is playing as Eli
Melissa Leo is playing as Penny
Tracy Morgan is playing as Sprinkles
Isiah Whitlock Jr. is playing as Black
Sarah Ramos is playing as Chloe
Emma Rayne Lyle is playing as Nicole
Stephanie March is playing as Trish
Tanya Wright is playing as Lisa
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dean F. Barnes is playing as Big Reenactor
Jayce Bartok is playing as Nurse Mike
Kevin Cannon is playing as Principle Rehab Junkie
Kai Chapman is playing as Pat
Scott Danni is playing as Reenactor
Harper Dill is playing as Lucy
Neal Huff is playing as Dave Epstein